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Colegas em apuros

Li esta notícia ontem. Ela é de dez dias atrás, mas, sem dúvida, nossos colegas tradutores na Nicarágua continuam precisando de orações. Também é uma oportunidade de lembrarmos dos muitos tradutores cristãos ao redor do mundo que trabalham em contextos extremamente difíceis.

A United Bible Societies, da qual a Sociedade Bíblica do Brasil faz parte, é uma organização que se dedica a traduzir e distribuir a Bíblia em várias línguas e dialetos.

LATEST NEWS # 441, September 18, 2007

NICARAGUA — Hurricane Felix, which hit Nicaragua at the beginning of the month, inflicted major damage on the homes of a Bible Society promoter and three translators in Puerto Cabezas, 780 kms from the capital, Managua, and in Waspán.

In the days following the hurricane, Freddy Fonseca, the General Secretary of the Bible Society of Nicaragua, despatched a series of graphic e-mails. […] Bible Society promoter Pastor Edmund Lacayo told Mr Fonseca that his entire house in Puerto Cabezas had been destroyed. Fortunately, his wife, son and two small grandchildren were unharmed.

“When the metal [roofing] sheets began to go up,” he said, “my wife, my son and our two small grandchildren were on our knees, asking God to pity us, saying that we were in his hands. We all had our eyes closed when we felt some arms lift us up and show us where to get out. I opened my eyes and saw that there was nothing around me: there was no roof and the wooden walls of my house had gone… But all the time I trusted in God – that he would protect the lives of my family and me.”

The family was rescued by some Christians and other neighbours and they are now living in a temporary refuge. Fortunately, Mr Lacayo keeps his stock of Bible materials in the cellar of his house where they have remained safe from the ravages of the hurricane.[…]

After the hurricane, he added, in spite of the chaotic state, nearby churches were full of people of all denominations praying, praising God and holding Faith Comes By Hearing listening sessions from loudspeakers which were running on gasoline-powered generators.

He also told Mr Fonseca that there was an urgent demand for Bible and New Testaments. “People are asking for more than just Portions,” he said. “The churches are full to overflowing; we are all in need: lots of pastors lost their Bibles and are asking me for more.”

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Puerto Cabezas, Barnabás Waldan, a Miskito Bible translator, lost part of the roof of his home. Thankfully, his wife and children were unharmed and the damage, severe though it was, didn’t prevent him from opening his house to a prayer group.

[…] “The overwhelming need is for more Scriptures,” he said. “With Edmund [Lacayo], our Promoter, I delivered all those that we had available and people are asking for more. Right now as I am speaking to you, I have 22 people standing in what remains of my house asking for more Portions to read.”[…]

Leia a notícia completa aqui (ver #441).

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